We promise you 100% Money Back Guarantee if you fail to clear the actual Certification exam. We are confident that you will not get a chance to use this option.

Unfortunately, if you don't get certified in the first attempt of the actual Certificate exam, we will refund the money you paid for the practice exam access.

In order to save ourselves from fraudulent refund claims and to serve our loyal customers perfectly, we have created a policy in this regard and we would like to share it openly with all our customers and visitors because it is for your own best interest.

  1. Please email us the following details with your www.certstudymaterial.com order number on [email protected] within 90 days from your purchase of practice exams course.
    • Exam attempt certificate provided with scorecard or valid screenshots requested (if you do not have score card)
    • Government authorized User ID with Photo
  2. Details mentioned in requested documents must match with the details provided while purchasing premium certification practice exam.
  3. We would not be able to refund money if the exam is attempted within 3 days of date of purchase. Although our Question & Answers are complete enough for you to understand all the knowledge points, yet less than 3 days is too short a time to learn it well.
  4. For refunds you need to send all required information within 2 days after the test to us.

The refund amount will be credited to your respected payment mode as soon as possible. 😊

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